Wednesday, 17 December 2014

We don't need no science

It's time to confess something to you.

I confess my rage when Christians reject science, as though it's a choice between science and faith. I confess that I think they're idiots. I confess that I want to shake them and shout at them. I confess that I want to get into the argument rather than just let it go.

After all, if God has created the universe with all its laws, it seems to me that we should be accepting of those laws. If God has created a universe which is not only comprehensible but also continually discoverable then we ought to embrace that. From where I stand, science isn't the enemy of faith. Science is the method of learning about the universe. I have faith that it was God who created it. Atheists don't have that faith. But both theists and atheists can work together on scientific projects.

My confession comes out of this. I confess my rage. Being willfully ignorant of science seems about as desirable as being willfully ignorant of traffic.

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