Thursday, 4 September 2014

Do you read C3 Church Watch?

"Do you read C3 Church Watch?"

That's the number one question I seem to get asked by people in my local church after a few minutes of theological conversation. I'm still not sure why that's such a popular question.

Other regular questions include these big two:
What do you think about Revelation, the Left Behind series, or the end times?
What do you think about the creation of the universe? I mean, is it just like the big bang and evolution or what?

I wonder if these are the big questions because of the influence of culture on these topics. There are a lot of books and arguments about these, and unfortunately there's a generalisation of which side that Christians take and which side the scientists take, as if it's even possible to assume that Christians all believe the same thing about Creation and Revelation.

Sometimes I wonder whether these are just unanswered questions, despite the ongoing caricature that is called a debate. It doesn't matter how many internet forums, youtube videos, books, or sermons are focused on the topic, there still seems to be a strong sense of incompleteness about these issues in the Christians around me.

And for me that's a good sign. It's an indication that people are still questioning. It's an indication that there is still a search for truth. There isn't a dogmatic bellow that insists one way or the other, but there is space for discussion and learning.

But the C3 Church Watch question... that's still a mystery to me.

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