Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Session 4: J John

An Anglican amongst the C3 Pentecostals? Who would have thought it?

This was a reminder about four things. 
1. The book. 
The bible is a sacred text. We should treat it as such. We should find in it where we are and where we are going. It is a filter for the pollution of the world. 

2. The breath. 
The Holy Spirit is the breath of God. It is the power of God to refine us. We must not grieve it, quench it, or resist it. 

3. The blood. 
The blood of Christ cleanses us from sin and heals us. It keeps the church alive and healthy. Christ's blood is precious., perpetual, powerful, and permanent. 

4. The bride. 
The bride is the church. Are we preparing it to meet Jesus the bridegroom? Are we saying nice things about her? Are we supporting her? Or are we putting spots and blemishes on her?
We cannot love Jesus without living the church. 
It is flawed but it is our family. 

Typical evangelical Anglican teaching here. It carried a mix of encouragement and warning. Special note goes to the idea of the church as the family, dysfunctional but ours. This is the community that Christ set up for us. God has always chosen flawed people to do holy work in the works. In the church we flawed people work together and accept each other. I almost get the sense of Rowan Williams in the background here, but then he wasn't the first to say these things about the divine community. 
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