Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Session 3a: Brian Houston

It seems that I've lost all my notes from this one. From what I remember...

People have dreams deep in their hearts about what they could do. 
Some dreams are outrageous. 
Some dreams are kept private, perhaps not even shared with spouses. 
The heart is where God starts working in us. 
We must protect our hearts so that our dreams are not crushed. 

So perhaps it's not fair to go too deeply into this, seeing as how I've lost my notes. My rudimentary thoughts are just two. 

I like the notion of having a mental picture of how we'd like things to be. It gives us direction. This is probably conventional wisdom, though.

The idea of dreams or aspirations deep in the heart is like a two-edged sword. It's something that people hold dearly and can be great motivation but it's also subject to the fickleness of human desire. Maybe this sermon has an unspoken label of "some discernment required" on it somewhere. 

Session 3b was a discussion panel with audience questions. I didn't think it was worth a blog post. 
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