Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Can I get a witness?

I'm told that there are some actual, living, breathing, pentecostal theologians. I don't know any and by looking around my circles I don't know where to start.

I know several pentecostals who have "been to bible college" and after talking with them for a few minutes I get the sense that their bible college has a stunted academic rigour.

I know this sounds horribly condescending of me, but hear me out. I've met three kinds of people in bible colleges and seminaries.
1. People who are there to be told all the reasons why what their church believes is right. They only read Zondervan books and have a tendency to use the word "revelation" a lot. They come out of the student experience having learnt the apologetics of what they already knew.
2. Same as #1 but they give up in the first semester because of all the liberal garbage, and the amount of non-literal interpretations. They fail to get past the first time they hear, "Let's look at this text another way."
3. Similar to #1 or #2 but when they encounter a different point of view they take it seriously, engage with it, and whether they agree or not they have solid reasons for doing so; reasons other than upbringing or extant doctrine.

Who I'd like to meet is a #3. A real, genuine theologian who has engaged with biblical studies, theological studies, and philosophical studies. Someone who knows about Barth, Hegel, Aquinas, Origen (even if they haven't read them deeply) and who holds confessional belief in the Spirit as depicted in Acts.

I want to meet them because I don't understand them. I want to sit and listen, and argue, and debate.

So if that's you, let me know. I have ears ready to listen.

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