Wednesday, 11 December 2013

The Real Saint Nick

Santa Claus? He's got nothing on Saint Nicholas of Myra, the real person on whom several Santa stories are based. This guy didn't hand out gifts to nice people and coal to naughty ones, he handed out cash to the poor to save them from slavery. He sold all his possessions for that cause, even though he was raised in a wealthy family.

He also argued, successfully, with Emperor Constantine about excessive taxation and had it lowered. And he intervened in an execution at the last minute by wrestling the sword out of the executioner's hand.

This isn't your jolly fat guy in a red suit.

This year, no matter what you're doing for Christmas, spare a thought for the legacy of Saint Nicholas of Myra. He served others without regard for his own comfort or safety. Give me a Saint Nick over Santa Claus any old day.

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