Sunday, 27 October 2013

Kindy Theology: Where is Jesus?

Of course it's an easy shot of doubt that asks, Where is God? For the atheist or empiricist this is the stumbling block they can't get past. God can't be examined with a spectrometer or a telescope. So where is God?

Part of the scandal of Christianity is that this question extends to the resurrected Jesus. The Bible account tells that Jesus was bodily resurrected and taken to the right hand of God. But where's that? How does a bodily resurrected Jesus exist in the world today?

Talking with my kindy-aged son the other night brought this question up for him. He asked me where Jesus is. I decided not to answer him directly but for us to talk it through. It didn't take long, maybe two or three sentences, before he said, "Hang on, I know where Jesus is. Whenever people do kind things for each other we can say that they're Jesus."

My dialectical heart leapt. My exegetical heart leapt. My paternal heart leapt. He gets it. Jesus is not an absent being somewhere out there but is now present with us, poured out kenotically for us and in us so that the church is the immanent presence of Jesus. He won't use that language, sure, but it's the same. 

Jesus is present among us when we love the neighbour. When we love with the love of God, we embody Christ. Christ is present and manifest. Where is Jesus? In the manifest act of divine love.
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