Monday, 9 September 2013

The votes are in

We voted. We ate hot dogs (making "sausage" a trending topic on twitter). We walked through our neighbourhood schools and other polling places. Now that's all done and we have a new PM, I'm still keen to see my favourite part of the election: the senate results. Practically speaking, legislation doesn't go through the lower house until there's confidence that it will pass the senate, or unless the lower house majority wants to make a spectacle of things.

The senate is where Abbott could come unstuck. At the time of writing it looks as though the Coalition won't have a majority in the senate. He will have to rely on minor parties to get things through. It will require negotiation and compromise. Ideas will have to be watered down, or additional ideas incorporated. I'm looking forward to seeing how tense the situation will get and whether it will force a double dissolution.

But best of all, the nation's stand-up comedy will get better. There's nothing like a conservative government to give fodder for the comedians. Sure, this probably reveals a bias in that industry but nothing we didn't already know.
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