Thursday, 19 September 2013

Kindy Theology: Tsunamis

If you follow me on social media you'd know that I'm a dad. One of my children is in kindergarten and has a propensity for asking questions about God, morality, and science. I decided that I wouldn't sugar coat my answers to him, but I would answer as honestly as I could to the level of detail that he was interested in. Since some of his questions are exactly the same as questions I hear adults ask, I wanted to use them as inspirations for my blog. So I present to you the first in the series on Kindy Theology. You're going to get the question he asked and the answer I gave him. 

"Why did God make tsunamis?"

God made the universe to be full of energy. Because of all that energy we have planets and stars, the wind and the sunshine. And that energy also means we live on a planet that has earthquakes and big waves like tsunamis. And because of all that energy, it was possible for you and I to be here. That's the kind of universe God created; the kind that has you and I in it, and God is very interested in you, and very interested in me. Sometimes that universe is scary, and sometimes it's beautiful. 

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