Sunday, 21 July 2013

Knowing Jesus, Being Known by Jesus

"From the human point of view there are countless possibilities of understanding and interpreting the Sermon on the Mount. Jesus knows only one possibility: simply go and obey. ... Those who treat the word of Jesus any other way except by acting on it assert that Jesus is wrong; they say no to the Sermon on the Mount; they do not do his word. ... I can insist on my faith and my fundamental recognition of this word as much as I want; Jesus calls it inaction. The word that I do not want to do is no rock for me on which I can build a house. I have no unity with Jesus. He has never known me." - Bonhoeffer, Discipleship

In characteristic severity, Bonhoeffer slaps us in the conscience with this stark reminder of Jesus' message of the houses on the sand or on the rock. He labours the point about those who put Jesus' words into practice and those who do not.

There are many sermons today about faith, but how many about action?

There are many people who look at us Christians and form an opinion of Jesus from what they see in us. When they look at us, will they see a people who have built their houses on the rock by acting on the Sermon on the Mount?

Jesus calls us to action, saying that to act this way is to be on the firm foundation of the divine will, that it is the way to be known by Jesus and to know Jesus. Do you want to know Jesus? Do you want to be known by Jesus? The answer is the same: do what he commanded in the Sermon on the Mount.
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