Monday, 27 May 2013

Soundbite Politics

I like a good election. There are plenty of things to despise about them (soundbite politics is the worst) but I still enjoy the process. The only thing missing from this year's election is my favourite part: actual policy.

So far all I've seen is labor telling me how bad Tony Abbott is, and the liberals telling me how bad Julia Gillard is. Oh, and one Clive Palmer telling me how bad Abbott and Gillard are. Of course, they don't do it with actual policy, just ad hominem attacks.

What do they stand for? A fair go for working Australian battling families? Education reform? Jobs? This country's future? Apparently they all stand for that. Well duh. That's the goal but we have no idea about their methods.

I don't expect to actually see any policies because nothing makes the electorate comatose faster than a policy launch. But that's what I want to see. I can only hope the party websites are just as informative as in previous years.
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