Sunday, 21 April 2013

First steps towards a ransom theory

In my ongoing quest to unravel the atonement I'm working through a ransom model. There are plenty of references to imprisonment and ransom in Paul's writings so it's little wonder that it was such a widespread theory for so long. Some versions of this theory put us imprisoned to Satan but this doesn't seem to hold much weight. I can understand how people would be averse to thinking that God owes anything to Satan, particularly in order to set people free. Nevertheless, the idea that there is some other power in control of us is appealing to me at the moment. It allows us to think about salvation as being from something other than God. It gets us out of the problem that puts God as the threat and the solution, like some kind of mafioso protection racket.

My thinking this week will then be about the prison. How did we get there? What is it? What is the power of that prison?

If this proves fruitful, I'll move on to the ransom itself.

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