Friday, 4 January 2013

Divinely Traumatic Statistics

I've not posted much on this blog in 2012, courtesy of a new job and its demands. Nonetheless I've taken the time to see what the blogging statistics reporting tells me about this blog across the year. The most interesting, for me at least, are the most popular blog posts.

1. Coffee and the Representation of Absence (May 2011)
2. Biblical Marriage, Gay Marriage (June 2012)
3. Supply and Demand After Disaster (January 2011)
5. Kierkegaard and Tolstoy (November 2011)

Clearly the fans like my old stuff better than my new stuff.

As for posts from 2012:

1. Biblical Marriage, Gay Marriage (June)
2. Why There Are No Christian Men (August)
3. Is Homophobia Actually a Phobia (July)
4. Modern Dubai, Ancient Jerusalem (June)
5. Good is bad is good (October)

And courtesy of google search terms it appears that there are lots of people who want to know about Zizek's comments on coffee without cream or coffee without milk, as well as the connection between Kierkegaard and Tolstoy.

So thanks, 2012 readers. I've gained insight into what you're looking for: more Gay Zizek, with footnotes on Kierkegaard.

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