Thursday, 27 December 2012

Yet I read

A kind relative has given me a copy of Zizek's Less Than Nothing and, with a couple of quiet hours now open to me, I've begun the Herculean task of reading it. For the uninitiated this book has 1010 pages of text. I've paused on page 10 to write this.

Thankfully his writing style has improved on his earlier efforts. It's more clear than before and reads less like a transcript of his lectures and more like an actual book. And of course he assumes that the reader is the Model Reader, knowing everything that Zizek knew at the time of writing.

So, like many people who'd grown weary of Zizek's style I hadn't planned on reading this magnum opus. It's vast and complicated, and I imagine that much of it is beyond me... eppur si muove.

Even though I'll put it down time and time again, eppur si muove.
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