Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Confession: I see the Other

The church I go to these days is fond of the connect group. You may know them from such other titles as home groups, cell groups, soviets, etc. I've volunteered to run one during next year.

I'm yet to see how this will pan out. I'd like to think that I can indulge myself by grappling with the text of the week and helping people to learn how to exegete. If there's something I wish I could do better and wish I knew earlier was good exegesis.

Apparently for other people (you know who you are) exegesis is boring and/or dry. And apparently I'll have some of these "other people" in the group. I'm tempted to call them all the Others and militantly apply some good Other philosophy.

So I confess, dear reader, the presence of the Other and the obstacle it proposes. I confess that Bonhoeffer's solution to the problem excites and terrifies me.

Enough confession for today.
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