Sunday, 12 August 2012

Is it possible?

A challenge of sorts has been put forward to liberal theo-bloggers. The challenge is to write something substantive about God but not Jesus or the Bible.

It seems like a good idea at first. Let's write about God to set out something, anything about God that we believe. Evangelicals have done it, so why not liberals?

Part of me wants to rise to that challenge and get cracking on a few hundred words about God, but there's a gnawing doubt that stops me. The gnaw is the very core of our faith, the declaration that Jesus is the Christ, that Jesus is the complete revelation of God. Without seeing Jesus, can we actually see God? Or to put it another way, the Christian faith derives from this declaration that God has revealed himself in Jesus and in no one else.

Proponents of natural theologies might like to argue otherwise, and I'll happily argue back. For this challenge, and for us as Christians, for as long as we insist that Jesus is the Christ we necessarily also say that we cannot talk intelligently or certainly about God without reference to Jesus.

So if I'm going to say anything in resinse to this liberal theo-blogger challenge to write about God, it's that whatever I say about God can only be said in reference to Jesus.
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