Wednesday, 23 May 2012

I Link, Therefore I Blog

My heart is all aflutter with a few recent posts from AUFS. They're just interesting and/or provocative. You should go and read them.

Who gate-keeps the gate-keeper is a dig at Scott Stephens, and perhaps online editing in general, for being too quick to publish. In amongst the comments on the site, though, is a remark that Scott responds positively to feedback. Go give him feedback, kids.

John Milbank on Blogging is another dig at Scott, but mostly an excavator-sized dig at Milbank. This is where AUFS snark is at its best. I confess that I've not read much Milbank, but I'm always entertained at the AUFS response to him and his horde.

What is atonement theory? plugs Adam's book publication of his dissertation. It's a book I'm going to buy sometime soon. The atonement is something we no longer give enough attention to. Two interesting quotes from the page: "As you may be able to tell, Jesus has always been something of a solution in search of a problem..." and this from the comments:
You could take the underpants gnomes route
1: Jesus dies and raises from the dead
2: ? (atonement theory)
3: salvation

Genius. So genius it deserves a crimp.

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