Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Late Starts

One of the more plausible arguments against a creator God with a personal interest in humanity centres around the long time between the start of the universe and the appearance of humans. If the universe is over thirteen billion years old and humanity has only appeared in the last few hundred thousand years, it seems like God waited a long time for the arrival of the species for whom he created the universe.

Imagine God saying, "Let us create a vast universe and put processes in place so that humans can exist on a single planet... eventually."

The typical argument that comes back is that God is outside of time so he can afford to wait. Sure he can, but if we're so important to a creator God why not make evolution happen faster? Maybe God has something larger in mind. Maybe humanity isn't the jewel in the crown of the universe, but still with some importance to God.

Or will the next stage of evolution be more important to God? If pre-human humanoids weren't worth saving, how valuable will post-human humans be?

No answers here today, just questions.
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