Tuesday, 21 February 2012

How To Find A Church

This will be more autobiographical than theoretical. I've just moved to a new city (Hi Perth!) and want to find a new church to be part of. I can't say it's much fun to find one. We've been going to a pentecostal church for the last few weeks and it's an odd experience. It's so familiar, in the same way that a finger traces an old scar with familiarity, but so foreign.

I'd forgotten all the pente jargon. Apparently, this is a new season and we should position ourselves before God to find out what he wants for us and for the house.

Ooh boy. I haven't heard that kind of thing for years. They sincerely believe it too. I imagine my hermeneutic method won't be especially common there, but is that a good enough reason not to attend that congregation? After all, it's the spirit that unifies the community and not doctrines or creeds. We are, after all, all followers of Jesus. I'm sure he and the disciples had their debates about the finer points of Torah and the prophets, and they probably didn't all agree. From what we know, that didn't break up the disciples in any meaningful way. The debates about food laws and circumcision were still centred around the common lordship of Christ.

I think I'll be more interested to find out how they act out the gospel message. Maybe I won't really see that in just a few short weeks. It'll take time.
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