Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Rapture Redux

Some pithy thoughts about Harold Camping's predictions. Twitter didn't seem to be the right place for this.

1. Followers gave away their possessions leading up to the event. But why leave it until the last moment? If it's important to give away all you have, then do it anyway.

2. Judgment Day predictions come and go all the time. This is just another one.

3. Camping is probably a sincere and devout believer, even as much as he's wrong about this. Christians need to be gracious, even if our fellow believers piss us off or do some other stupid thing (e.g., odd peripheral doctrines, false claims of illness, and so on).

4. There was an interesting sense of expectancy because this had such a high profile. Such certainty is intimidating.

5. The whole thing has an escape clause of, "I was wrong, but the Bible is right!" It just saps credibility.

Last one (for now):

6. After the rapture, the earth was meant to be abandoned by God for judgment. What if that's true? What if the world as it is has been abandoned by God's direct intervention, but his command to love remains? The burden falls to us and us alone, and our punishment or reward is to live in the world of our own making.

I like the last one best.


betty said...

I have to agree with your points; we do need to be gracious towards him; we need to let others know we don't share in his beliefs but at the same time we need to do it with kindness and a bit of compassion perhaps. I think we always need to live by his commandment of love indeed! I always say Jesus made it so simple by telling us to love God and to love our neighbors as ourselves and we messed it up, putting so many rules into it, etc.

I just hope the next time someone makes a prediction about the end of the world, people get out the Word of Truth (Bible) and remember Matthew 24:36


Andrew Smith said...

I should add that I'm not the most gracious person about these kinds of things, but that doesn't stop it being the right thing to do.

Anonymous said...

On point 5, I agree that this debacle saps credibility, but the posters warning of the Rapture stated "The Bible guarantees it!" There's no quick fix, and I can only think of 1 Corinthians 12:26:

"If one part [of the body] suffers, every part suffers with it; if one part is honored, every part rejoices with it."

I uncharitably place Camping in the class of "stupid Christians". It's like having a really annoying family member - as much as they annoy you, you can't stop being related to them.

Robert Duberg said...

Peter...lol...you're a classic kind of stupid, in which for instance you've bought into some notion that love is an act and contained within certain rules of conduct. LOL Again, it amazes me how the religious or fanatical club believers lack any sincere commitment to speaking sensibly and understandably. At least, like right know and allow myself the room to just lose myself in such merriment and mirth as your comments today have elicited. Such that, I do not condone nor apologize for any lack of crystal clarity or presence of specious logic. What really had me start rolling on the ground was your use of bibical scripture in order to attach blame on Camping for your own upset and then turn around accuse him of Stupidity while you yourself suffer NOT????? LOL

You know, I was looking forward to the final collpase of organized religion, and not to place any unnecessary negative vibe in this but I just think the institution has been outgrown and it no longers serves our potential evolutionary needs.

But you, reminded me exactly what has brought me, in one sense, all the way to where I am today regarding integrity and truth. Such hypocrisy, it just runs rampant in religion, and your a perfect example. Well ... excuse my bubbly condemnation of your opinion as my point was rather personal and umm LOL, long suffering doesn't begin to describe what seems to characterize thinking by those who espouse their faith.

I am not really upset or angry or in fact critical, at least intentionally. Maybe you can correct my perceptions causing so much laughter over here. There's really no battle, never was. I think the main condition that has caused so much suffering has been man's need to ascend at point in his evolution which required a loser in order for their to be a winner, an evil for every good.

These dichotomies are a function of how we think and the pages upon which we write our historical narratives. With the advent of higher thought, non-dualistic thinking, integral thinking, such unfortuante conditions cease to exist without one's permission. That's science. God never had anything to do with much of the so called divine justices which our histories speak of determining how things proceeded through time until recently that is.

The rate of our evolution now will simply have in part a great deal to do with just how strong our attachment to having an all powerful, behind the scenes agent of change, at work that we consider "our father in heaven" who made us in his image. LOL

Who writes that poop? LOL