Friday, 1 April 2011

Politics is about looking seriously at maps

Campbell Newman is quitting the Lord Mayoralship of Brisbane to run as a candidate for the Premiership of Queensland. Regardless of the ship he's spinning, I quite like the importance his spin doctors have placed on maps, and the pointing-at thereof.

LNP parliamentary leader Jeff Seeney (left) says he is keeping the seat warm for leader-in-waiting Campbell Newman (right).The ABC reports today about the move, along with a great picture of him and Jeff Seeney pointing at a map. It's very commanding, as though the leader is receiving advice from a trusted lieutenant. And yet, it's casual, over a coffee (branding included at no extra charge).

Julia Gillard meets with former prime minister Kevin Rudd in Brisbane today.
Pointing at maps is important. It shows strategy and team work all in the same image. After all, we need to remember how well it worked for Julia and Kevin.

I think the problem for Julia and Kevin is the lack of coffee cups. That glass of water just doesn't convey friendliness at all.

Today's lesson in politics is therefore: give a great impression about team work and leadership by getting together in public with a colleague and pointing at maps. Having coffee on the table, consumed or not, is better than water.
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