Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Ten theses about the church as a social ethic | Ekklesia

Ekklesia has an interesting summary of a book by Stanley Hauerwas. From their blog:

"Whether you find him inspiring or exasperating (and I sometimes find him both!), the work of US theologian Stanley Hauerwas provides a challenging alternative vision of church as subversive, exemplary community - rather than the cement or glue of society, as in the top-down Christendom model.

Most famously, he has declared: “The church does not have a social ethic; the church is a social ethic” - or not, I would add, looking at its actual performance in many instances.

Back in 1981, Hauerwas published Reforming Christian Social Ethics: Ten Theses. The appeal echoed Luther's famous 95 Theses, which disputed the ideology and practice of church in his era - though not sufficiently to stop his followers persecuting Anabaptists and sanctioning state churches, sadly. But then reformation is a continual (radical) process, not a one-off event."
Ten theses about the church as a social ethic | Ekklesia

The ten theses themselves give a decent framework for the church as a social entity, perhaps over-against any other social entity in history, including governments and corporations.
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