Tuesday, 14 December 2010

US pressure on UK about Iranian banks

Senior US officials urged British banking regulators two years ago to take more draconian action against Iranian banks suspected of financing nuclear and missile programmes, US embassy cables released by WikiLeaks show.
WikiLeaks cables: US pressured British regulator to act against Iranian banks | Business | The Guardian

This is some promising news from the wonderful world of Wikileaks. I'm pleased to see non-military methods at work to stop nuclear proliferation. It's unfortunate that the evidence of involvement by these Iranian banks wasn't available in the cable, but I imagine that if there was inscrutable and solid evidence, there would be more than just financial pressure on banks.

Any use of non-violent methods to achieve objectives is better than violent methods. Nevertheless, I'm reminded that the country exerting the pressure here is the only country to have ever used nuclear weapons in war, and still maintains a very large stockpile of nuclear weapons as a deterrent. A single nuclear weapon is still one nuclear weapon too many, and is only made worse when that weapon is in the control of a demonstrably violent nation. We can have a world without nuclear weapons. We had one for a long time before the Manhattan Project and we can have it again if we want it.
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