Sunday, 19 September 2010

Post-election Gillard Analysis

From ABC's The Drum comes an insightful piece by Glen Milne, exposing the wonders of political spin from a newly-elected government trying to renege on election promises.

"She would not like the comparison, and Tony Abbott can't make it, for reasons that will become apparent, but all of a sudden Julia Gillard is looking a lot like John Howard." Glen Milne, Gillard looking a lot like Howard.

This is clever and biting assessment of Gillard's spin. Before the election a carbon price was out of the question. And after the election? See how Milne scrutinses Gillard's remarks.

"It's absolutely no secret, after particularly the election campaign that was, that the Government believes we need to work towards a price on carbon. The Government has consistently said that we want to work towards a price on carbon."

Oh really?

Note the lawyers' parsing: "...after, particularly, the election campaign that was". Hang on; it's only been less than a month since voting day. But clearly already, Gillard has already segmented time - and promises -according to the election and post election periods. Post election, apparently, the old order no longer applies.

I won't steal any more thunder from him. Go and read it for yourself.
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