Wednesday, 1 September 2010

It's just like football

The election result, that is. 90 minutes of to-and-fro, and then the final whistle. Now we're in the penalty shoot-out where it's down to five to make the decision. The best of five.

Yes, it's a sport metaphor on this blog. Normally I don't enjoy sport, but I make an exception for football.

So what's the problem? Nothing. A hung parliament is the right recipe to get some fire back into politics. Politicians will have to argue a case and reach compromise, and to argue a case means that you need to have a case to argue. So go back to your philosophy and figure out what you stand for, rather than who you stand against, and go for it. Just stop being lukewarm, because the electorate has spewed you out of our collective mouth.

(And that makes for two irregular occurrences on this blog: sport, and a quote from the Apocalypse. I'll try not to let it happen again.)

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djfoobarmatt said...

go for the trifector and quote Monty Python