Friday, 20 August 2010

I Blog and I Vote

I like elections and election campaigns. All sides of politics are put back into promotion and selling, convincing me to vote for them. I get to throw them out, or keep them in. This might sound arrogant to you, but based on the last election results, where I live now is the most marginal seat in Australia, won by only 64 votes out of 82,000. And that was with a swing against the sitting member.

So what does that mean for my vote? Just like every election, I based my vote on care for the most needy. To steal some biblical phrases, we'd call them "the least of these" or "the widows and orphans." The way we treat the marginalised is the measure of us, and that applies to us as individuals and, more importantly, as a community. If you read some of my previous entries on this election, you'll get the idea. I've looked at more policies than those I wrote about, and I would have liked to blog about them all, but time is against me this year.

But here's the summary. The Labor Party and the Liberal Party are like Pepsi and Coke this time around. The differences are trivial on the issues that matter. From what I've seen, the campaigning between the two has been more like Australian Idol than a genuine battle of ideas, with the added element of negative advertising. They've appealed to the hip pocket of middle Australia, but in the end they don't offer much that's different to each other.

And the Greens? Yes, I've looked at them too. Full points goes to them for not being the Dr Pepper in this metaphor. They aren't just another flavour of the same, most evident in the issues that I did write about.

So this is how I'm going to vote.
1. Below the line. Every preference is my preference, not theirs.
2. ALP and Liberals last.
3. Greens first.
4. Fill in the rest with preference away from nationalistic parties.

Yes, this year I'm voting Greens and I encourage you to do the same.

EDIT: I use a tag for all my posts about the Australian Election 2010. It will explain my position a little better if you read them as well.
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