Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Election ignores marginalised: Anglicare

Time for some election commentary. I like a good election and I have every hope that this could be a good one. So let's start with the most important issue of politics: the marginalised, or the biblical widows and orphans.
"The poor and marginalised will be left out of this year's election debate as leaders focus on middle Australia, the Christian charity Anglicare says.

Recent Australian elections had been fought to 'capture the hearts and minds' of the population's middle 40 per cent, Anglicare Sydney CEO Peter Kell said on wednesday.

'And this election is shaping up to be, unfortunately, no different,' he told reporters in Sydney."
Election ignores marginalised: Anglicare
And there goes my hope for a good election.

If the Anglicare report is correct, then this is a shoddy piece of work by the two major parties, and reflects poorly on the mind of the voter. It shows that people vote through self-interest and not through community-interest. A vote for self-interest asks how the new government will treat my life, my bank balance. A vote for community-interest asks how the new government will treat the community, especially the most vulnerable.

Whereas it's easy to say that the political campaigners are evil and nasty to play the election this way, it's much harder to say that the electorate laps it up. So when you think about your vote, think about how it affects the marginalised, the widows and the orphans.
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