Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Just Don't Feel That Way, OK?

Timana Tahu to take racism battle to Human Rights Commission | The Australian: "'Nobody could ever doubt Timana's sincerity in what he did last Friday,' Gallop said. 'He cares deeply about ensuring others don't feel the need to take a similar stance and we are also committed to that.'"

Even though it's old news, the woeful part of this quote is that it refuses to identify Johns' remarks as racist. The actions that the NRL will take are to ensure that people don't "feel the need to take a similar stance" implying that as long as people feel OK with racist comments, the comments can continue. This is the harm principle at work, roughly equivalent to saying that people are free to fire machine guns through a school as long as the bullets don't hit anyone.

A better approach is to make racism the focus for eradication, rather than ensuring that the targets of racism feel good about whatever else happens around them.
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