Monday, 12 April 2010

What do we preach?

The proclamation of the gospel has, for far too long, felt like a sales pitch. First, convince the customer (unbeliever) that they have a need that they didn't know about. Second, provide the customer with a potential solution. Third, get the customer to take action. This is the basic structure of the "all have fallen short of the glory of God, including you, and need Jesus to get out of it, so believe!"

But does Christ need a groundwork of sin-awareness before we can preach Christ? Not according to van Driel.

Against those who would defend some version of felix culpa (and here van Driel names Schleiermacher, Gregory, Milton and Barth), Incarnation Anyway challenges Supralapsarians to ‘explore the meaning of the incarnation, the presence of God among us, as an excellent good in and of itself, and not take refuge in a doctrine of sin to beef up incarnation’s meaning. We do not need the bad to enjoy Christ’ (p. 131). Again: ‘we do not have to preach sin before we can preach Christ; we can preach Christ as the offer of love and friendship with God; and it is thereafter, in the light of that offer of friendship and love, that human beings discover themselves as sinners’ (p. 166).
Incarnation Anyway: Arguments for Supralapsarian Christology: A Review � P e r ∙ C r u c e m ∙ a d ∙ L u c e m

Although this is not enough argument by itself, it should serve as a caution not to burden the gospel proclamation with unnecessary baggage.

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