Wednesday, 3 February 2010

A little roundup of links

While everything is quiet in my own mind, here are some of the interesting things I've been reading of late.

Roland Boer's comments on systemisers struck a chord with me. I tip between the urge to build one because of the rationalist world in which I live, and the urge to destroy them because they will always fail and always drive someone out.

Halden Doerge's scathing assault on the 9 Marks. He's right, it's a bucket of shit[1]. See the previous comments about systemisers.

Ben Myers is reposting a piece by Scott Stephens. Scott's always had the ability to say something so controversial that it's easy to misunderstand, and end up being offended about the wrong thing. That sounds like a summary of almost every interview that Zizek's done with the mainstream media. No wonder these two are on speaking terms. Still, Scott's piece is worth the read.

I think I've done enough name dropping for now.

[1] And not the good kind of shit, either.

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