Saturday, 27 February 2010

Apocalyptic action

Halden's live-blogging of two Harink lectures on Peter let to this interesting quote.
Because of Christ’s transfiguration, we are called, not to passivity, but to radical apocalyptic action, which, in summary means to subject all our actions to the lens of Christ’s own agape, the radical love that gives itself away for others, even to death. - Apocalyptic action – Inhabitatio Dei

The genius of this is that, once again, we can see that Christianity is not about pie in the sky when you die, but must be focused on the here and now. The sooner we get rid of the phrase, "get into heaven" the better we'll all be.

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Ben said...

I never realised "pie in the sky" was an analogy for heaven anymore, nor it was a reason that many wanted to get there — get into heaven, there's pie! (Reminds me of portal, and we all know how that turned out!!)