Thursday, 21 January 2010

The disappointment with Jesus

Over at Narrative and Ontology, Phil has some remarks on one of his projects.
Around about six years ago I decided to read the New Testament as little as possible, focussing all my attention and energy on the Old. The aim was (and is!) to be able to see the witness of the New in all its particularity and difference. Christians tend to work in the other direction: we are thoroughly acquainted with the New and thus complain when the Old Testament doesn't seem to fit the paradigm. "Is the God of the Old Testament really Jesus' father?" Doing things the other way round raises a different question: "Is Jesus really the Son of the God of Israel?"
Take the time to read his first post on the issue. It looks like he plans to write more about it later.

My only trepidation in the project is the difference between Christianity as somehow continuous with Judaism, or Christianity as an interruptive break from everything despite its origins being historically situated within Judaism. I've argued elsewhere for the latter, taking my cue from Kierkegaard, Zizek and Badiou. The question becomes one of authority. Does Jesus have authority which is derived from the God of Israel because he is the Son, or does Jesus have authority independent of a Big Other?

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