Thursday, 8 October 2009

Examiners' remarks

The moment I'd been dreading for the past three weeks arrived yesterday. It was an email from the Dean advising me that the examiners' remarks on my thesis had been returned.

Apparently, two other people think I did OK with it. In turn, the BCT Postgraduate Research Committee also think I did OK with it.

This led, of course, to several minutes of dancing around the living room with my wife. Who wouldn't? We had to be quiet, though. The baby was asleep upstairs. Imagine, if you will, mad exuberance expressed only through movement, but not sound.

After reading the comments, I was somewhat sobered. Although I have only minor corrections to make, there are some deeper issues that I need to reflect upon in my understanding of Kierkegaard. I'm a very small fish in a large, well-established sea of Kierkegaardian scholarship. I won't bore you with the details here.

I'll revise it all over the next week or so and then that's it all done. Well, except for the ceremony in which I will get to wear a cap, hood and gown.
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