Friday, 29 May 2009

Natural Selection

Some memes survive long enough to be passed on to you.

1. Apparently, the Bible is God, just as much as we know how to identify witches.
2. Perhaps this is radically theocentric Christian atheism, or perhaps it's just Christian. Christianity as strict monotheism is not widely understood or practised.
3. A valid criticism of opposition to Islamic schools in Australia. There appears to be no secular justification to prevent an Islamic building or institution in Australia. This notion that Australia is a Christian country needs to be eradicated.
4. A thought-provoking addition to the issue of homosexuality and Christianity. And by "thought-provoking" I mean that it's an opportunity to think about your opinion on the matter. Like it or not, there are plenty of people who identify as homosexual, sincerely trying to live in fidelity to the gospel.
5. And while you're thinking about (allegedly) clear cut moral situations, be challenged by the consequences of a pro-life position on abortion and crime.
6. Is everything really possible?
7. The least Christian Bible? Not if you're an American Patriot, that is. There's a great review here and here.

Enjoy the read and the think.
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