Monday, 11 May 2009

God Talk and Pressing Issues

Unfortunately, I seem to be turning this blog into a link warehouse. The two on offer today are quite valuable, though, and Christian thinkers need to reflect on these two issues.

God Talk is a lengthy article about Terry Eagleton, a great writer I encountered in my first round of theological studies. The article looks at Eagleton's response to Hitchens and Dawkins, the pop-atheists of our time. Eagleton has some of the most well thought responses to the whole school of thought, and should be read by anyone who has also read Ditchkins, for the sake of good balance.

And the Ten Most Pressing Issues for Evangelical Theology Today is a good read. For those of you who are evangelical, it will tell you what most of the leading evangelical thinkers have on their desks. For those who aren't, it's an opportunity to reflect on these topics and take a position on them.
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