Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Redemption for everyone ... except the embarrassing.

Ted Haggard is clearly too embarrassing to warrant redemption.  Perhaps proud or stubborn as well, but none of these are reason enough for these shenanigans.

From the piece:

Haggard has complained to some of his old friends, including me, that if he had been a CEO instead of the senior pastor of a church, he would have been back at work in one month. New Life Church needed to protect itself and had to shun one of its own in order not to expose itself to financial ruin in the form of fleeing members. Haggard has complained, and now has Alexandra Pelosi complaining for him, that New Life Church refused to do the main thing churches are designed to do: forgive.

And again, a recommendation:

Haggard can't enter a pulpit, and he shouldn't seek to be a spiritual leader, at least not for eons. He can enter a congregation somewhere, and if he wants to do that, he should, as a fellow traveler with other seekers. And that congregation should embrace him. That's what his spiritual restoration would look like.

Christianity must include forgiveness, even for the fallen mighty (or the fallen popular)

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