Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Radical capitalism needs the stimulus package

I'm slow to the publishing punch, but not to the thought, that the fundamentalist capitalist response to the current recession is that businesses who are struggling should be allowed to fail and collapse, rather than get government subsidies. The government is asked to deregulate while business does well, and should stay away while the market determines which businesses should succeed and which should fail. Poorly performing businesses, or businesses selling archaic products should be marginalised or allowed to die.

So says the blogosphere, and many leftist critics.

But if that's the position of the fundamentalist capitalist, then the position of the radicalised capitalist is the one that wholly integrates the private pursuit of cash with government itself, because government is enlisted to support the pursuit of capital. This is the capitalist equivalent of the theocracy, in which the radicalised religious person insists that government enforce religious law. So too, in the radicalised capitalist model; the government must enforce the capitalist law, that all must generate capital.


Ben and Tamara said...

People are so fickle, expecting the government to jump in and fix things. I think the CHURCH has more responsibility to help struggling people in business than the government does.

Andrew Smith said...

Is the Church really required to prop up businesses, or to look after people in need? I don't think that Jesus had in mind that the Church would be the foundation (or the Zimmer frame) of capitalism.

Ben and Tamara said...

I didn't say the church should prop up businesses. I said the church should be helping struggling PEOPLE in business. And yes I do think the church should be leading the way in helping people in need.

And I'm definitely NOT talking about giving people money.