Saturday, 27 December 2008

Nicolas of Myra

Christmas is a weird time.  On the one hand, it's a festival to celebrate the arrival of Jesus into the world, but on the other hand it's marked almost exclusively by consumerism and capitalism.  We celebrate, not by giving, but by shopping.  We celebrate by shopping because that's what we know how to do.

Rather, I think that it's worth taking the time to remember Santa before he was Santa - back when he was just Nicolas of Myra.  Here is a man who had a reputation for giving in secret to the needy.  Go read the wikipedia article for an overview.

Should we teach our children about Christmas?  Sure.  Teach them about Jesus.  And what about Santa Claus?  Teach them about the original Santa - the man who gave in secret to the people who needed it.  Christmas is a Christian holiday, and we usually celebrate it as capitalists.  Instead, let us celebrate it as Christians.
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