Monday, 15 September 2008

The End of the World

I mentioned in an earlier post that my friend Scott Stephens was going to the Grandeur of Reason to present a paper. Some content of that paper is now available online at Faith and Theology. Go! Read! Argue!

I, for one, feel as though I understand his point. Theology and philosophy should be large, imposing, ceaseless and disciplined, if they are to be worth anything at all. The enterprise needs some weight behind it and loses all value if it is regurgitated into digest-sized sections.

This, of course, stabs directly in the heart any philosophical blog (such as this one, for example). And to a certain extent I agree. In the 500-word nibbles I write here there is very little that I can accomplish that doesn't already belong in a footnote. For the serious advance of the theological-philosophical enterprise, the blog is a blip.

And yet, the essay, the column and the blog continue to have their place inasmuch as they are interventions generated from beyond the web. They are as useful as the pamphlet is to political action. While theology-philosophy takes the time to see larger concepts, it must also manifest as the intervention or else it has no immediate effect.

In other words, a philosophical blog means nothing if the author is not also engaged in a larger project, a project which feeds and informs the interventions themselves.
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