Thursday, 21 August 2008

Guglielmucci Miraculously Healed!

I remember first hearing about his cancer and feeling terrible for him. Even though I had other disagreements with the AOG theology and praxis, I still felt that cancer was a horrible outcome for anyone. I hoped and prayed (albeit briefly) that it would go away.

It has. It's a miracle - Guglielmucci is miraculously healed of cancer!

Now, instead of cancer, he's going to be remembered as the guy who lied.

Ahh fuck it. There are worse crimes in the world and they don't generate this much ink. Go and whinge about Robert Mugabe instead, people. Or George Bush. Or the miliary junta of Burma? Remember them and their massacres? Yeah... they disappeared off the news screens behind the veil of Ben Cousins and his drug habits. They're still oppressing dissidents, though, and that's worth more of your efforts than another pentecostal preacher who turned out to be lying for money or the rush of micro-fame (or whatever his particular pathology is).
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