Sunday, 20 April 2008

2020 Summit

Kevin Rudd's 2020 Summit is a clever idea for a new Prime Minister. He has put forward the image of himself as someone who promotes discussion, understanding and ideas. Not only that, but he has managed to do so in a way that will always allow him to refer back to the summit as the place where various ideas were generated. Even if he had these ideas beforehand, as long as someone raised them at the summit, he will always be able to say that "These ideas came from the summit."


Now that the cynic has said his bit, I honestly think it's a good idea to have this kind of thing. It's expensive, sure, but it's important to take the time away from the firefighting of daily governance and management in order to examine the situation from a larger perspective. I hope that we Australian people get more than a little back from it. We will need to get some coherent answers and policies communicated to us quick smart if we are to keep faith with the exercise.
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