Wednesday, 21 November 2007

Kevin Rudd on Rove

I have to admit that I was looking forward to watching Kevin Rudd on Rove this week. I have some sympathies with Rudd based on his articulate distinction of the roles of church and state, and how the Christian vote should be considered. Also, his admiration for Dietrich Bonhoeffer is something that I share. However, I thought it very interesting that he - and not John Howard - would accept the invitation from Rove, the current king of light entertainment.

As it turns out I think it was a smart move by the Rudd camp. All he had to do was subject himself to a frivolous interview with some questions that weren't related to policy in any way, and he could get himself a platform to an audience that is largely disinterested in politics, and yet has a vote. I don't know if it would have helped or hindered him to actually answer the "Who would you turn gay for?" question with a man's name, but either way he subjected himself to it.

And the issues he slipped in? The one that matters most to a younger demographic: climate change. That was smart. He could come across as a family guy (mention the kids and the pets) and identify climate change as his top issue. This was well planned and moderately well executed.

Was it enough to earn my vote? Well, 10 minutes on a Sunday night comedy show is a far cry from a considered opinion on policies. I think it was a slick move and it will only help his campaign. For me, however, the whole thing will still be determined by other factors.

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