Friday, 23 November 2007

It's decision time

It feels as though Rudd is going to win this one, but then again I thought that with all the scandals of the last election that Howard would lose that one as well. From my perspective it seems as though this election, as well as the last one, has been once again fought on the perceptions of slogans.

Interest rates were central last time and they're back this time. But I have no idea how either side plans to keep them under control. What I know is that the Liberals want me to feel that they will be higher under Labor, and that Labor wants me to feel that the Liberals broke promises to keep rates low. But how?

On climate change, Labor wants me to feel that they will be responsible guardians of the environment (see the Kyoto protocol). The Liberals want me to feel that technology will save the day. But how will either strategy be implemented?

On poverty, I've only heard from Labor who said that they will increase aid spending.

And so on, and so on. Both of the major parties are trying to make me feel confident in them, and doubtful of the other side. But I still don't know how they'll reach their goals. Both sides claim to want a "better" Australia for us all. The key differences, that is the method taken to accomplish the goal, are still lost of a shroud of mystery and fog.

So I'll probably vote for the Greens and the Democrats. They've a track record of making bold use of the balance of power and I think after 3 years of a majority government in both houses, that's what Australia needs.

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