Tuesday, 13 November 2007

Comparing Political Parties

Wow. The Australian Christian Lobby tried something worthwhile. Take a look at http://www.australiavotes.org sometime and you will see the results of a survey they conducted. A set of 25 questions were sent to various political parties and independents to get their opinions on various issues that the ACL consider to be important to Australian Christians.

Was it worthwhile? In some respects, yes. It gives a brief summary of the political parties on various issues, but I find that many of the questions are quite leading - a fault found in many media outlets. Some of the questions, however, expose the agenda of the ACL. Asking parties to support the exclusive use of the Lord's Prayer to open parliament is the one that especially comes to mind. Does that mean that the ACL wants a theocracy? Probably not. However, they still seem very keen to integrate religious practice into a secular body.

While I don't see any problem with a politician having religious convictions and using those convictions to guide policy, I think that the two practices should remain separate. Legislating religion is not only anathema to a secular democracy, but is theologically incompatible with Christianity. Instead, Christianity is naturally anarchic and alegal (yes, that's a little neology for you). The law is the wrong way to embody the gospel message, and will only result in a false version of the gospel.

So, go and read the comparison, but take it with a grain of salt.

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