Friday, 19 October 2007

Vote for Minor Parties

At last the election has been announced for November 24. I've already mentioned the issues that I will be considering for my vote, but I don't live in a marginal seat so I wonder how much effect it will have. At every election there are always surprises for seats that win and lose, but I can only hope that my seat is one that becomes marginal. In fact, it would be brilliant if every seat was a marginal seat, too close to call.

And it would be brilliant if the Senate was controlled by about a dozen minor parties. I don't mind the government holding seats there as well, as long as it's not a majority. Sure it will slow down the process of getting things done, but each and every piece of legislation will be reviewed by the minority groups that have representation. The best option would be a strange collection of minor parties from the Freemarijuana brothers, to Family First, to the Socialist Alternative.

Yes, I would like to see Family First get at least one seat in the upper house. Why? Well, I don't agree with a lot of their policies, but I think they bring representation to the process. I'm just as happy for the Fishing Party to get at least one seat as well. No, I don't particularly care for fishing either, but there are a lot of fishing people in Australia and they deserve political representation. To be consistent, even Pauline Hanson (or her cohorts) should get in. No, I don't like her views on almost everything, but she brings something necessary to the Senate - diversity.

Vote however you like in the lower house, but for the sake of diversity and review of potentially tyrannical legislation, give your upper house votes to minor parties and put the major parties at the bottom of the list.

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