Tuesday, 30 October 2007

Even Families can have Penises

There's not much to say about this that isn't just plain obvious. Still...

Family First has disendorsed a candidate after photos of him posing nude were found on the internet. From some accounts it also seems that the website on which they were found was a gay website.

The first surprise should be that Family First doesn't screen for this when considering candidates. But perhaps he is someone who has gone from one way of life to another way of life, a convert perhaps. The current US President insists that he has gone from a wild life to a responsible and "saved" life, so why can't Mr Quah?

But is this really a surprise? Consider the case of Reverend Gary M Aldridge. Here was a pastor who really liked to experiment sexually. Did someone know about it? Probably. After all, he was found all tied up so someone else had to do the tying.

But back to the election. If Quah's photos were more recent and were still part of his life, what this demonstrates is Family First's approach to Family. It doesn't include pornography and it doesn't include gay.

Pornography is something that has a number of research efforts on both sides. I've heard everything from "it forms a vital part of our healthy relationship" through to "it ruined our marriage" and subsequently think it should be rated like other kinds of media. There are some people who shouldn't see it, just as there are some people who shouldn't consume alcohol, and some who shouldn't own firearms. For anyone who says that legislation isn't a moral issue, think through those ones for me and try your argument again.

Gay as a family option? Anecdotal evidence suggests that it is possible. Other anecedotal evidence suggests the contrary. I don't, however, think that we should exclude gay people from being able to formalise their relationships as part of civil society. We currently have de facto relationships for heterosexual couples to do this outside the definition of marriage, so I don't see a reason that this can't extend to homosexual couples.

Thanks, Mr Quah, for giving some space to this issue. I wish you all the best for your future, whatever that might be.
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