Monday, 30 July 2007

Up! Fest

The Up! Festival. It's a strange name for a festival. For an anything, I would suggest. But I know that I'll be going to it. Franti has said before that when he started out in hip hop he would decry the media. His classic track Television - Drug of the Nation is this very point. He followed that comment by saying that rather than destroy the media, we should become the media. In Rock the Nation he writes:
Bom bom
Rock the nation
Take over television and radio stations
Bom bom
The truth shall come
Give the corporations some complications
And he's right. Media is a powerful force. I have my suspicions that part of the power of television is not that it tells stories that we can all relate to, but it tells stories that we wish we could relate to. Some women don't relate to Teri Hatcher in Desperate Housewives, but they probably wish that they looked as good as her, with a house as large as hers and so forth. Most men won't relate to the detectives on NCIS but they probably wish that they could kick down the door and "bust come caps in the ass" of some criminals.

Media's power is often through the visualisation of fantasy. It turns a fantasy into an on-screen reality. For as long as the audience's eyes are on the screen, that screen is their experiential reality. I support Franti in his efforts and want him to succeed. My trepidation comes through wondering whether his version of the media will have the same power because the fantasy/reality that he would probably put on those same screens may appeal to fewer people.

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