Friday, 20 July 2007

The Offensive War

When the cruise missiles were launched into Iraq all those years ago, I did a calculation on the back of a napkin, comparing the cost of the missiles and what that money could have done if it were used for education and clean water, rather than missiles.

It seems I am not alone. Allow me to quote from the Sojourners blog.

The financial cost is staggering—a new Congressional Research Service study reported that the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan now cost $12 billion per month. When that monthly price tag is compared to the $10 billion per year it would cost to educate the world's 800 million children under six years old, the contrast opens up a real debate on what truly makes for national and global security.
So, yearly costs are these.
144 billion USD - Iraq and Afghan war
10 billion USD - Educate 800 million children under 6

Education will do more good in this world than fighting those two wars. And it's cheaper. This is one reason that I find this "war on terror" to be the Offensive War.
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