Monday, 4 June 2007

Paralysed by Rage and Good Manners

One of my favourite scenes in The Matrix is the first meeting between Morpheus and Neo. He offers him the red pill and the blue pill and Neo takes the red pill, representing knowledge of the truth. It comes with a warning: you can never go back.

The warning is true. Once truth is revealed, it is impossible to forget it. Neo could not turn back from the effect of the pill, he could not return to the waking sleep that he had always known. Instead, he was thrust into a war between revealing the truth and allowing the general public to know the truth.

I hate seeing people I know and care about stuck in the Matrix. Unwilling to take the red pill and arguing that the blue pill is better. It enrages me to see them trapped. It enrages me more that they are trapped of their own free will. Sadly, good manners and altruism confine me. I can say no more to them.

I will say no more now.
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