Thursday, 7 June 2007

More gaming blogs

NOTE: Gaming topics have been moved to Tabletop Manifesto.

Just got a couple of gaming blogs that I would like to promote.

All Games Considered
I've listened to a few episodes of the AGC podcast and think it's pretty cool. My only criticism of it is that the episodes are long. Just too much information for my limited availability of time. Still, the hosts are articulate and interesting, so that almost balances it out. Overall, the cost of time is worth the content.

The Durham 3
Haven't listened to these guys yet, but Paul Tevis at Have Games, Will Travel makes reference to them regularly. And so does a colleague of mine.

The Sons of Kryos
Again, an intelligent swag of commentary for your enjoyment. One of the presenters has a funny voice (and may not know it) but that should be reason to download. It certainly helps the appeal of something like The Philosopher's Zone. Ahh, Alan Saunders - where did you get that accent?
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